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Planet Hyundai

See how Planet Hyundai empowers their salespeople to make customers part of the buying experience, saving everyone time. They are able to sell more cars and ultimately make more money using Express Storefront.
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My goal is to empower salespeople to do the job on their own. Now that they’re using the Roadster tool they are able to sell more cars in less time, and ultimately that makes them more money.
Jamie Payne
GM, Planet Hyundai
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How Planet Hyundai Uses Roadster

Salespeople are given full autonomy and empowered with an iPad to construct the deal side-by-side with the customers in-store
Customers are part of the buying experience 100% of the time - online and instore
Salespeople are able to sell more cars in less time
Sales managers are coaching their team on the showroom floor vs. desking deals.
All sales team members are certified through the Roadster Academy
Roadster lifetime NPS +85

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